The "Blackhole" is an integral component of the GalaxyCash network, holding a substantial portion of $Cash tokens and accumulating rewards from transaction fees.

The "Blackhole" smart contract initially secures 50% of the circulating supply of $Cash tokens. Over time, this will grow to encompass 50.01% of the total $Cash token supply. As a holder of $Cash tokens, the Blackhole accumulates rewards from transaction fees, just like any other holder. Being the largest holder, it receives half of all transaction fee rewards.

When transaction fee rewards increase the $Cash tokens held by the Blackhole to 50.01% of the total supply, a Blackhole Rebalance operation can be initiated. In this scenario, 0.5% of the total $Cash token supply is sold for gFrax, and an additional 0.5% of $Cash tokens are allocated to enhance liquidity provision (LP). This rebalancing process ensures that the Blackhole does not amass an excessive quantity of tokens, thus maintaining a fair distribution of transaction fee rewards among all $Cash token holders.

Blackhole Rebalance

The Blackhole Rebalance can be activated when the Blackhole address reaches 50.01% of the total $Cash token supply, allowing any participant to trigger it. In such an event, the Blackhole will methodically sell 0.5% of the total $Cash token supply for gFrax and contribute additional locked liquidity to the Cash/gFrax pool. This action is designed to sustain a balanced liquidity growth in line with the expansion of the GalaxyCash ecosystem.

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