Galactic Expedition Map

2024 Q1: Launch and Expansion

  • Official Launch:

Official launch of GalaxyCash, marking a new era in DeFi.

  • Building Galaxycash community:

Start aggressive marketing and community engagement to grow the user base and strengthen the GalaxyCash ecosystem.

  • Strategic Partnerships:

Establish partnerships with key players like Fraxfinance、Curve etc in the blockchain and DeFi industry to enhance platform capabilities and reach.

  • Total Value Locked (TVL) Objective:

Set course to accumulate a TVL of $10 million, showcasing robust trust and growth.

2024 Q2: Technological Advancements

  • More stablecoin Integration:

Attempt more stablecoins integrations to make Galaxycash a central compound hub for stablecoins

  • Real World Asset (RWA) Integration:

Venture into integrating Real World Assets (RWAs) for the advantage of $Frax depositors and $Cash holders.

  • Non-stablecoin Integration:

Unveil the Non-stablecoin yields mechanism, revolutionizing GalaxyCash's economic model.

2024 Q3 : Stablecoin Launch

  • GalaxyCash Stablecoin:

Release GalaxyCash's own stablecoin, designed to provide a stable and reliable medium of exchange within the GalaxyCash ecosystem. This stablecoin aims to support trading activities and offer a safeguard against the volatility of the crypto market.

  • Ecosystem Integration:

Ensure full integration of the GalaxyCash stablecoin across all platform services, enhancing transaction efficiency and user experience.

2024 Q4: Decentralized Derivatives Exploration

  • Governed On-Chain

At the heart of GalaxyCash lies our commitment to on-chain governance, an essential feature that enhances the platform's functionality and integrity. It empowers holders to participate directly in decision-making processes, such as protocol upgrades, collateral management, and monetary policy adjustments.

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