gFrax Pool

In the Galaxycash ecosystem, the gFrax Pool plays a pivotal role in managing user earnings, with 85% allocated for automated trading, 10% retained and 5% earmarked for future initiatives.

The gFrax Pool contract within the GalaxyCash protocol is intricately designed to handle the earnings from the Galaxy Vault. Upon depositing gFrax into the Galaxy Vault, 85% of the gFrax is directed towards an automated trading contract to buy $Cash tokens. Meanwhile, 10% of the gFrax deposit is transferred to the gFrax Pool. An additional 5% of the gFrax is set aside for future endeavors, with its specific application to be detailed later.

The gFrax Pool has two primary funding sources. Firstly, 10% of all gFrax deposits in the Galaxy Vault are channeled into the gFrax Pool. Secondly, if withdrawal requests from participants exceed 1% of the gFrax Pool's balance, the automated trading contract steps in. It then liquidates the $Cash tokens it holds to replenish the gFrax Pool.

The fundamental role of the gFrax Pool is to ensure a smooth and efficient process for Galaxy Vault users to access their earnings in Frax.

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