Initial Liquidity Provision

Galaxycash is committed to ensuring a stable and accessible market for our users from the outset. To establish a solid foundation for our token's liquidity, we are dedicating 6% of the total Cash supply to initiate liquidity on Fraxswap. This allocation will be paired with the gFrax raised from the Cash Mint War to create a substantial liquidity pool.

The strategic steps for the initial liquidity setup are as follows:

  1. Liquidity Pairing: After the successful completion of the IDO. Half of the collected gFrax will be paired with the allocated 6% of Cash tokens. This pairing forms the initial liquidity base and is critical for facilitating smooth and stable trading activities on the platform.

  2. Fraxswap Pool Creation: With the liquidity pair in hand, we will proceed to create the Cash-gFrax liquidity pool on Fraxswap. This pool will serve as the primary trading avenue for our token, allowing for efficient swaps and price discovery.

  3. Protocol-Owned Liquidity (POL): The Cash-gFrax LP will be fully owned and locked by the protocol. Locked liquidity means that the staked liquidity on a decentralized exchange (DEX) is irrevocable, neither by the protocol nor by any external entity. This lock ensures market stability and demonstrates our long-term commitment to the project.

  4. Community Trust: By providing initial liquidity, we aim to build community trust and lower the barrier to entry for new users. A well-funded liquidity pool minimizes slippage and ensures that transactions can be executed with minimal impact on the token's price.

This initial liquidity is not just a foundational step for Galaxycash; it is a testament to our dedication to providing a fair, stable, and accessible trading environment for our community. Through this commitment, we pave the way for the healthy growth and longevity of Galaxycash in the decentralized finance ecosystem.

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