Transaction Tax

The transaction tax is a key mechanism to bolster the long-term sustainability of the GalaxyCash ecosystem.

Every transaction involving $Cash tokens, be it trades on decentralized exchanges like Fraxswap or on-chain transfers, incurs a 10% tax. This tax structure is strategically designed to incentivize long-term holding, discourage disruptive high-frequency trading, and stabilize the price volatility of the $Cash token.

  1. Reward Distribution: 50% of the tax collected is redistributed to all externally-owned accounts (EOAs) holding $Cash tokens directly on the blockchain (including the Blackhole contract, which is recognized as a legitimate holder). This system ensures that users receive rewards without needing to engage in active staking.

  2. Liquidity Provision: The other 50% of the tax is allocated to bolster the liquidity of the Cash-gFrax LP pool. This action ensures a stable and robust liquidity foundation for the token, enhancing overall market health.

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