What is Galaxy Vault

At GalaxyCash, we harness advanced algorithms to maximize the efficiency of our Galaxy Vault.

The Galaxy Vault functions as a high-yield cashflow engine with all actions occurring on the blockchain. Users can employ different strategies to accumulate TVL and secure cashflow stability. Starting with as little as 200 gFrax, users can earn a daily yield of 0.5%.

  • $Cash Token as a Value Store: Within the GalaxyCash ecosystem, the $Cash token functions as a secure store of value. The Galaxy Vault's role is to uphold the token's long-term stability and steady growth.

  • Functioning of the Galaxy Vault: The Galaxy Vault is a fully-automated, smart contract-based system for trading. This system is entirely tax-free and immutable, with all transactions processed on the blockchain.

Galaxy Vault Features:

  • Automated Trading: The smart contract manages the gFrax deposited by users, algorithmically executing trades of $Cash tokens to maintain its stability and growth.

  • Accessible Investment: Starting with as little as 200 gFrax, users can earn a daily yield of 0.5%. The entry threshold may be adjusted in the future.

  • Adaptive Strategies: The Galaxy Vault supports consistent investment, allowing users to build their gFrax holdings in the Vault, optimizing cash flows.

Deposit Mechanics:

  • On depositing gFrax into the Galaxy Vault, 85% of it is channeled into the automated trading system, which is used to buy $Cash tokens. These tokens are then held within the system.

  • 10% of the deposit goes into a dedicated gFrax Pool for paying out earnings from the Galaxy Vault.

  • The remaining 5% of the gFrax is set aside for future purposes, with details to be announced later.

Example of Deposit Calculation:

Let C = User's initial deposit = 1000 gFrax

r = Daily yield = 0.5% or 0.005

The user's daily return E is calculated as:


Calculating the Returns:

For example, $E = 1000 X 0.005 = 5 gFrax per day from the principal. This simplifies to a straightforward linear calculation.

If a user deposits an additional 200 gFrax, the total value becomes 200 gFrax (current) + 1000 gFrax (deposit), earning a daily yield of 0.5% on 1200 gFrax.

Claiming Rewards:

Rewards are initially paid from the gFrax Pool. If needed, the Galaxy Vault will sell $Cash tokens for Frax to fulfill these payments. The Total Value Locked (TVL) of a user is adjusted when rewards are claimed.

Let R(claimable) represent a user's unclaimed rewards:


Example of Claiming Rewards:

  • Initial Total Value: 10,000 gFrax

  • Available Rewards: 250 gFrax

Upon claiming the 250 gFrax reward, the new TVL becomes 9,750 gFrax, which is 10,000 gFrax (current TVL) minus 250 gFrax (claimed reward). The user now earns a daily yield of 0.5% on the new principal of 9,750 gFrax.

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